Learn How To Choose The Best Knife

If you have found this site just after getting about the cooking arts, excited and inspired by cooking competition game shows, and if you are ready to take up the challenge of becoming a great culinary master, We want to help you find the best quality chef knife for your culinary quest, you have come to the right place.

his is a resource for selecting the chef knife that you can proudly wield in any chef’s company and get respect.We will help you choose a chef’s knife, as a samurai selects his sword.It is necessary for a chef to a have a well chosen knife set.All chefs are on a constant road to perfection.In order to serve the best food at the highest quality to their honored guests and customers,Masters never cease to be students of their calling,and a chef’s knife is both his most valuable and useful tool.

Construction of Knives

Various types of chef knives are available in the market today, and the most common are manufactured through forging or stamping. Stamped knives are usually thinner and these are 15 to 20 percent lighter compared to forged knives. Machine-stamped knives can hold an edge from sharpening, but not as well as forged or ceramic knives. Despite this fact, there are still many great machine-stamped knives such as the Misono UX10 Gyotu.

Forged knives require a more precise and exact manufacturing process. Great care and sometimes traditional secrets are handed down to forge some of the finest quality knives in the world. German, Japanese and French knives all carry ancient blacksmithing and engineering traditions. Many adopt new techniques and styles as design continues to innovate, while still remaining true to principals forged through the test of time. These knives are usually very sturdy and have an apparent amount of character and organic elegance built into their very design. A truly forged, full-tang knife holds a finer edge longer, and provides noticeable balance that gives a knife of quality apparently higher value than that of common machine-stamped knives.

A ceramic chef knife is the sharpest and strongest right down to it’s molecular structure. Many are surprised when they learn the strongest and sharpest knives are made of ceramic. They hold an edge for approximately 15 times longer than metal knives, but many theorize the theirs will last much longer. Ceramic knives are still brittle and are used mostly for great slicing as Chopping thick bone and meat may crack the ceramic blade. But their fine edge is almost unparalleled by metal and is mostly used for precise slicing of vegetables and fish.

So How does one Choose the Best Chef Knife?

Choose a style of Set:

Buying an entire set of fine, matching cutlery makes you stand out as a professional, and shows you are particular about your tools. A Japanese Sushi Chef chooses specific knives for sushi, a German Wurstmeister chooses German knives for his large chunks of meat, A French Pâtissière chooses her knives for slicing breads and cakes with precision and delicacy.

Size and weight balance:

How the knife feels in your hands is the key to synergy between the chef and the knife. Many chefs choose a knife by it’s “Feel”. Other then blade material and design, ergonomic grips, balanced weight and full-tang construction are your prime choosing parameters. Incidentally, many wonderful companies online nowadays have very convenient return policies so you can buy one on the internet, try it out, and send it back at your discretion.


If there was one essential factor to choosing a great chef knife it would be to learn the reputation of the manufacturer. There are brands that are around 100 years old or more proudly associate their name with their signature products and traditions. Many great companies have a long legacy of making the some of the finest blades in the world. This is where our blog begins. Many articles about knives and the brands that make them follow as resources to this guide. Feel free to browse Our Best Chef Knife Guide Articles, and let us help you find what you are looking for. A versatile, strong, sharp sidearm that will assist you towards culinary excellence.

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